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I just watched a long video/presentation by a developmental psychologist who spoke about a favorite topic of mine: How to deal with the digital world in raising children. Dr. Gordon Neufeld's main points were that children need to connect, have intimacy with their parents and peers before they use digital media. It is very easy to become addicted and if a child is avoiding personal contact and connection because he/she is on the phone or other devise, then a parent should be worried and use strategies to bring the child back to connecting to real people. Dr. Neufeld stated that people need other people (parents, peers, family) to connect, not social media. Also, if children only play video games, they do not learn to deal with loses (there is constant movement and always a new chance to win) as they have to deal in real life. Finally, I loved what Dr. Neufeld said: "If anyone is ingesting more than he/she can ingest, he/she will get sick". The same with information: if someone ingests more than one can digest, then there is problem. He finally said that the brain develops through interaction, intimacy, attachment and the development of curiosity and a hunger to learn, not through a simple exposure of information.

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